Obama's Math: More Fuzz Than a Peach

He's looking more like a bobblehead every time he speaks.  From left to right, nose in the air, all the while talking down to those of us he views as stupid.  Well, we may be stupid, but we certainly can add, subtract, multiply, and divide better than the POTUS can. In Obama's fist-pounding, finger-pointing, bellyaching repeat of many previous speeches, he put forth a "plan" to bring down the deficit.  And what an original non-plan it was.  Raise taxes, fake spending cuts -- just like all his other non-plans.  Nothing written, you understand, just promises to cut out fraud and waste.  And, of course, tax the rich.  This time he prefaced his "tax the rich" part by saying, "This is not class warfare; it's math."  Math?  Mrs. Davies, my 1st-grade teacher, would probably take exception to that.  Now, it seems, even arithmetic has joined the sciences taken over and rearranged by the liberal left. The president: "They should have to defend...(Read Full Article)