Obama's Immigration Directive to Face Congressional Hearings

Instead of worrying about Americans and legal residents, President Obama, looking towards the 2012 election, has decided to usurp Congress and push his immigration policy.  According to those interviewed by American Thinker, the Obama administration is making a mockery of America's laws. Recently, the Obama administration said it would review the cases of illegal immigrants currently in deportation proceedings.  It has been reported that this directive will affect more than 300,000 illegals.  These "low-priority" offenders, including the elderly, crime victims, and those who have been here since childhood, will be allowed to stay in the United States through a work permit. This is an unconstitutional power-grab by the president since he does not have the authority to repeal, suspend, or reinterpret federal laws.  He tried to implement his own agenda, going through the back door, doing this while Congress is in recess.   California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly...(Read Full Article)