Obama's Hope and Lies

One thing about the Obama White House: you can't fault them for a lack of optimism.  Obama has been operating on little more than "hope" for three years now, with rosy predictions of economic improvement just around the corner.  Back in June 2010, the president kicked off "recovery summer" with "groundbreakings and events across the country."  When that recovery failed to materialize, he insisted that we were just going through a "soft patch."  We're still in that soft patch, which is starting seem more like an endless swamp. No problem.  When rosy predictions fail, one can always resort to lies. The monthly jobs report issued by the Department of Labor has not provided much cause for hope lately.  Following weak reports in June and July, the August report showed an increase of precisely zero.  That report, the first time a jobs report had shown zero improvement since 1945, grabbed the media coverage.  But at the same time it was issued, the...(Read Full Article)