Obama Leads the Liberalism Parade

The president's newest 2012 election strategy gives mainstream Americans a rare look at the Democrat Party's voter base.  By now it's obvious that President Obama doesn't want Congress to pass his "jobs bill."  Neither does he have any intention of enacting his deficit reduction proposal.  On the contrary, the plans Obama presented over the past few weeks seem specifically designed to fail in Congress, where even many Capitol Hill Democrats want no part of the legislation. Far from legitimately seeking new policy (perhaps we should call it old policy with zombie-like longevity), Obama is using his economic proposals to run a pre-general election campaign. Unlike in an actual primary campaign, where other candidates may make Obama look like a bitter leftist whose ideas would harm the country, here the president feels unencumbered by any need for seriousness. In policy and rhetoric, Obama is showing us an unfiltered version of American liberalism. Liberalism begins...(Read Full Article)