Negotiating 'Peace' and Not Getting There

The Middle East Quartet (United Nations, the United States, the European Union, and Russia) is promoting new "peace talks" as a means of holding off the Palestinian bid for independence.  American pundits are proffering ways for the United States to "jump-start" the talks, including "American" positions on core issues.  Barbara Slavin at AOL is one of those.  Slavin believes that the Palestinians are way out in front of the Israelis in offering "detailed proposals" on core issues, so the U.S. should simply announce where borders might usefully go and then move on to other things.  She cites the work of David Makovsky, an American longtime observer who is preparing maps.  "Where geography meets demography," Makovsky says.  The maps themselves sound reasonable -- Israel keeps the main settlement blocs and the Palestinians would get maximum contiguous territory, rather like President Bush's 2004 letter to Prime Minister...(Read Full Article)