McGinniss Book About Palin: Yet Another Attack on America

The Joe McGinniss Sarah Palin book The Rogue is the left's latest hate letter to God-fearing patriotic Americans.  Make no mistake about it, folks.  The McGinniss attack along with the other numerous attacks on Sarah Palin are really about attacking you -- mainstream Americans with traditional values. Since her extraordinary, upbeat VP nominee acceptance speech in 2008, I have wondered.  What did Palin specifically say to prompt such immediate visceral hatred from the left?  I have come to realize the answer is her celebration of God, family, and country. How dare Palin praise traditional marriage, motherhood, Christianity, and American exceptionalism, all of which are anathema to the left?  Thus, the left's hatred of Palin is really hatred of mainstream America -- particularly Tea Party patriots. That is it in a nutshell and explains why the left so desperately seeks to destroy Palin.  They hate America and all who love our extraordinary country. The...(Read Full Article)