Lemonade Wars: The State Battles Entrepreneurialism

The United States is a nation of cultural icons.  Some places, symbols, and activities shout "America" with the voice of three hundred million citizens: the Statue of Liberty, Yankee Stadium, an Independence Day cookout.  High on the list of those iconic symbols is the front yard lemonade stand.  It represents the essence of budding entrepreneurialism and self-reliance. Only the heartless can deny the joy of buying a lukewarm glass of "ice-cold" lemonade from an enterprising youth.  The lemonade stand, and similar entrepreneurial adolescent pursuits, is the stuff of Americana, pure Norman Rockwell.  Not only are the young shopkeepers cute, but they're participating in an activity as old as mankind.  The lemonade stand proprietor has entered the world of capitalism, where merchant and customer voluntarily exchange items of value.  Tragically, the child's lemonade stand, like capitalism, finds itself increasingly in the State's regulatory...(Read Full Article)