Leave the Rich Alone

Free-market economy = individuals voluntarily exchanging goods.  Each individual is better off as a result of the trade, or else he would not engage in it. That is the true definition of a free market.  There is no worker exploration, no consumer profiteering, no Marxist chains to throw off.  Just social cooperation in the aggressive pursuit of a better standard of living.  The alphabet soup of regulatory agencies born out of Franklin D. Roosevelt's fetish for power and control serves no real purpose but to bolster government payrolls and guarantee votes under the charade of "doing something."  In turn, government-sponsored enterprises are mere funnels of taxpayer money to mitigate private risk and preserve the cash flow of campaign contributions.  It's always entertaining to hear progressives wax so eloquent about the merits of government regulation, yet when you press them on unintended consequences, you might as well be talking about quantum...(Read Full Article)