Justice Kennedy and the Fate of ObamaCare

It's been one year, six months, and eight days since it happened.  White-hot tempers have cooled.  Dire predictions are rarer.  Unlike many tumultuous situations, which in retrospect appear unworthy of our ire, the intensity that accompanied the passage of ObamaCare was well-suited to the size of the cause. Throughout the Western world, government-run health care has served to catalyze a permanent leftist political climate.  Unlike the relatively limited nature of our current welfare state (which is already bankrupting the nation), the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is designed to reach across all age demographics and into nearly every income bracket. Because of its near-limitless reach, if fully implemented, ObamaCare will quickly become a political force surpassing even Social Security and Medicare.  Once that happens, the only way to win elections will be to promise not to touch government health care.  Every politician will have to accept...(Read Full Article)