Is Gadaffi's Yellowcake Going to Adolf?

Like Aladdin's Genie, Moammar Gaddafi has disappeared in a puff of smoke back in Libya, but he left a piece of yellowcake behind for the rest of us.  No, not fattening cheesecake.  Bigger than that.   It's in the great Libyan desert, where there are warehouses full of leaking barrels of uranium ore, stuff you can make bombs from.  The U.K. Telegraph speculates that this unguarded stockpile is being smuggled barrel by barrel to Ahmadinejad in Iran -- a man I will simply call "Adolf" to make it hard even for liberals to get it wrong.  Oh, yes, and Gaddafi left behind an estimated 20,000 portable anti-aircraft missiles.  Don't take your next Mediterranean cruise too soon. If you believe the New York Times, you think that yellowcake is not a Weapon of Mass Destruction.  But if some of those AK-47-toting "liberators" in Libya load up a plane with those leaking barrels, fly it over Manhattan, and aim it down over Times Square, they will set off World War...(Read Full Article)