Iran Considering Attacking U.S. Facilities in Mideast

Destroying American military positions in the Middle East is the most effective method to get the "Great Satan" to abandon the region, Iran now believes. "The Islamic Awakening in the region has overthrown many of the heads of states who were puppets of the West," according to a recent analysis by the Mahramaneh online website, which is close to Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. "It is simple-minded for us to assume that America and the West in general would sit by and forget about devising new conspiracies for derailing and taking control of the revolutions." Therefore, the analysis concludes, an America weakened by economic and military crises makes preemptive assaults on U.S. targets all the more inviting. The radicals ruling Iran have long believed that due to internal U.S. problems, America can no longer sustain its activities in the Middle East and is bound to pack up and leave eventually.  Now these radicals believe that they could attack American forces in...(Read Full Article)