Invisible Hand vs. Clenched Fist

The advance word on President Obama's Thursday jobs speech is: nothing new.  According to George Stephanopoulos, it will contain tax cuts for corporations, an infrastructure bank, and the usual pabulum of job training for the unemployed.  The president could take another path, according to Tony Blankley.  "He could decide to embrace all the major Republican, Tea Party free-market ideas," as in marginal tax rate cuts, discretionary spending cuts, entitlement cuts, EPA and Dodd-Frank deregulation, Drill Baby Drill, Frack Baby Frack, and death to the NLRB. Some chance of all that! The utter failure of Keynesian stimulus is setting up 2012 as a watershed election.  Do the voters want a politics that lets business get on with business and start creating jobs?  Or do they want, in presidential advisor Alan Krueger's words, more of the "kind of temporary, targeted and responsible policy that has been the hallmark of this administration"?  The choice is as clear...(Read Full Article)