Inequality: It's a Good Thing

Equality is the highest value of the American political left.  So the left is always on the lookout for any trace of inequality.  And of course they find it -- everywhere.  That's because equality doesn't exist in this world, except when we get down on the micro level.  On the micro level of quarks, electrons, photons, and such, equality reigns supreme.  Indeed, if any subatomic particle were suddenly to become unequal, the world would end.  But on the macro level, the world we live in, inequality is inescapable. We do find exquisite equality, however, in the realm of abstractions.  In mathematics we have equations: two plus two equals four.  (That's how I'm betting, anyway.)  And in political philosophy we have "All men are created equal."  Immortal words, but we know they aren't true.  Even identical twins aren't really equal, despite having the same DNA.  What Jefferson was getting at is that government should treat...(Read Full Article)