In My Backyard

In my backyard, things are different from the world we see in the media. Life in my backyard makes sense to me and my family, it's a simple place. Even strangers seem to fit into our ways quite easily.  My backyard is America to me, and maybe to you, too. In my backyard, you don't lie, well at least you don't tell serious lies. First, you probably won't get away with it with my wife around, but secondly, it just isn't right. Lies tend to complicate things, so we try to avoid lies. In my backyard, a bigot is a bigot. It doesn't matter if you're White, Black, Jewish, Native American, Hispanic or Asian. We know many people have a little trouble with those who are different from themselves and we understand, but if you expose yourself as a simple racist ass, we adjust accordingly. There are no exceptions or exclusions, an ass is an ass. Be cool and we'll all get along. In my back yard, we respect grace, kindness and decency. We don't look down on those who are less intelligent,...(Read Full Article)