In Defense of the Pennsylvania Electoral College Plan

I have had my battles in the past with liberal numbers "guru" Nate Silver, mainly because of his partisan response to the scientific polls I commissioned after the 2008 election revealed that he was neither impartial nor even very knowledgeable about the basics of polling. Despite that, I acknowledge that Silver has somehow created the perception that he knows what he is talking about to the point where he may have some influence over what people actually think is likely to transpire in the political world.  Sometimes, I will admit, he does even make some valid points.  But his recent warning in the New York Times to Pennsylvania Republicans not to go through with their plan to allocate their Electoral College votes by congressional district is definitely not one of those occasions. At best, Silver is engaging in wishful thinking.  At worst, he is spreading blatantly faulty reasoning in order to take part in the media's inevitable intimidation campaign against the...(Read Full Article)