How the Dual Income Destroys the Lower Classes

It is oftentimes complained, partially unfairly, that the American lower classes are getting poorer and poorer.  But enough has been written, by practically every conservative think-tank, about how the welfare state and anti-discrimination legislation destroy neighborhoods and promote the business interests of those with poor moral constitutions (leftists, primarily) by providing layabouts with an arsenal of unreasonable lawsuits.  This article, recognizing the above socioeconomic maxims, will seek instead to show how two-income households have played an equal, if not greater role in impoverishing American lower classes.  This aspect of American poverty has not been adequately addressed -- perhaps, considering how feminism pushes women into the workplace, because it is now culturally offensive to do so. When Adam Smith wrote The Wealth of Nations, he noted that although the wages of the lowest classes were oftentimes determined by the lowest their employers could pay,...(Read Full Article)