How Perry Can Beat GOP Heel-Nippers

Texas Governor Rick Perry's been getting pummeled lately.  By the entire GOP presidential field, as a matter of fact, and by Washington's Republican establishmentarians, whose high-income jobs hinge on brilliant insights -- such as that voters don't want another Texan in the White House (brilliance as clichéd minds can produce).  Or that Perry's really a goner for stepping on the Social Security third rail. All this tends to happen to a frontrunner.  But Perry can turn the tables.  He can make his rivals (and their enablers) look snarky -- heel-nippers, who are so intent on bringing down Perry that they've lost sight of the bigger picture.  Perry needs to frame the GOP nominating fight in terms as big as Texas. Like Rick Perry or not, he's a man inclined to straight talk.  Indirection and nuance ain't Perry's bag.  Perry's book Fed Up! wasn't your typical pol's tome, full of platitudes, breezy generalizations, and difference-splitting...(Read Full Article)