Hoffa Does Not Speak for Working Americans

James P. Hoffa's résumé suggests that he knows little or nothing about genuine blue-collar labor, either as a practitioner or a facilitator such as an engineer or technician.  His depiction of Tea Party members as "son of a bitches [sic]" shows that he knows nothing about public relations either.  As stated in Paul Linebarger's Psychological Warfare (1954, emphasis added): Sending the Japanese cartoons of themselves, mocking the German language, calling Italians by familiar but inelegant names -- such communications cropped up during the war. The senders got a lot of fun out of the message but the purpose was unintelligently considered. The actual effect was to annoy the enemy, stiffening his will to resist. If it is bad policy to demonize rank-and-file enemy soldiers whom one wishes to persuade to surrender, malinger, or desert, what must be said of somebody who talks about "taking out" rank-and-file members of an opposing political movement?  Mr. Hoffa...(Read Full Article)