Facing the Challenges of College Today

Two much-loved young family members just left for college. These two special young women are among the 2.6 million freshmen who arrived at the 4,352 colleges and universities across America in the past couple of weeks. These young adolescents on the cusp of adulthood and their families are investing in a $440 billion industry that, according to John Dewey, is supposed to prepare them to become good citizens. Both of the family freshmen are recipients of athletic scholarships: one to a Christian and the other to a state university. They will have very different experiences, but they will face similar challenges and have similar opportunities.  Sadly, there is cause for concern that colleges and universities today are not fulfilling their central purpose of preparing young people to become good and productive citizens -- which means an education grounded in moral and intellectual training, which will provide the needed foundation for individual and civic responsibility. Today,...(Read Full Article)