Erdoğan's Not-So-Sublime Porte

The Muslim and Arab world smells blood.  Like sharks circling their prey, many in most of the world's 57 Muslim states are eager and willing to commit genocide against embattled Israel. With the Palestinian Authority's leadership pressing ahead with their unilateral bid at the United Nations for a declaration of statehood (by willfully abrogating the Oslo Accords, which required them to negotiate a final peace treaty with Israel), war and Arab violence will now subvert any hope of true peace. The ridiculously touted Arab Spring has fast degenerated into an Arab Hell.  Mobs screaming "death to the Jews" broke into Cairo's Israeli embassy while the police just stood by.  The Muslim mob would have torn the embassy staff to pieces if they could, just as a Palestinian mob did with two hapless Israelis in Ramallah during the so-called intifada in 2000. In Turkey, Prime Minister Recip Tayyip Erdoğan is deliberately ratcheting up an anti-Israel policy that may soon spin...(Read Full Article)