Elizabeth Warren: A Harsh Mistress

Last week, Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat who is campaigning for the position of United States senator from Massachusetts, was seen in a video taken at one of her campaign stops.  In this video, Warren lays out her argument for why people who create jobs and wealth in our country are not shouldering their fair share of the tax burden. The release of the video was intended to dispel the notion that attempts by Democrats to tax the rich are the result of class warfare.  In the video, Warren lays out her argument for taxing the rich in the form of an imaginary conversation with a fictitious "factory owner."  She concludes that the factory owner is morally bound to surrender an arbitrary portion of his earnings to the government as compensation for the good deeds of other members of society.  I find that her argument lacks merit.  Here is what she said in the video (starting at 0:55): There is no one in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody. You built a...(Read Full Article)