Don't Blame the Bankers

While it's true that there are some pretty crooked bankers and Wall Street types floating around, bankers as a whole aren't a bunch of crooks, any more than any other group of professionals are (the people who control the "central banks" being the possible exception).  At the moment however, American bankers are being denigrated as greedy parasites and the cause of our economic woes on a daily basis by politicians and the media.  In fact it's the politicians themselves, and their accomplices in the media who are to blame for our current dire financial position. Bankers are merely their current scapegoat, just as the health insurance companies were during the fight over ObamaCare. A dominant theme in America's history over the last 100+ years, has been our government's never ending attempts to regulate and control our once free market economy.  History shows us clearly, that every single time government has tried to "fix" something in our economy, their actions made...(Read Full Article)