Beating the Racism Card

Obama is finished.  It's not so much the past six weeks, rough as they were, as his own actions and responses that have finished him.  His showdown with Congress over the debt limit, which he then ran away from.  His bewilderment at the fact that markets responded to that level of stress with a serious slump.  The lousy job numbers, which anybody but Obama and his kept economists could have predicted.  His insistence on his precious vacation at a time when the country was deeply shaken over economic matters.  The painfully bogus "people's hero" photos released in the wake of "hurricane" Irene.  The uproar over his jobs speech, an attempt to embarrass the GOP which merely added to his reputation for incompetence.  The speech itself.  These were not the actions of a leader, a statesman, or even an adult.  They will be neither forgiven nor forgotten.  It's hard to see how he recovers from any of this.  (And this is not even to...(Read Full Article)