Baseball's Juice Stain

After watching his first game of baseball, American poet Walt Whitman made this immortal comment: "I see great things in Baseball, it's our game, the American game, it will repair our losses and improve our spirits."  His  words have always proven true, especially every spring on Opening Day, when hopes and dreams begin anew on all the Fields of Dreams across the country.  But there remains a deep-seated problem that no one who admires the game wants to face.  Fans are willing to move on because the overwhelming love of the game is so powerful that it is easy to pick up the carpet, grab the proverbial broom, and sweep, sweep, sweep!   Baseball may be the one constant, but until the deceits of the steroid abusive seasons are dealt with once and for all, the honor and integrity of  America's game will forever be tainted. In those heady days of steroid use, the '70s and '80s,  there were no official rules covering the use of performance-enhancing...(Read Full Article)