The critical examination of Islam is no longer possible as it is deemed "hate speech" that is prosecuted in some Western nations and swiftly condemned in all the rest. The left-dominated mainstream culture has created a philosophy of anti-anti-Islam to vilify critics of Islam just as it created anti-anti-Communism to suppress criticism of Communism. The slow glacial nature of cultural change often makes it hard to notice a transformation as it is happening.  Looking back decades later it may be obvious but people rarely notice fundamental changes at the time.  In the last ten years there's been a change in the way the mainstream culture regards the religion of Islam.  One might have thought that the jihadi attacks in New York, London, Madrid, Bali, Beslan, Mumbai, and others would have brought hostility towards the belief system of the attackers but the exact opposite has happened. In today's mainstream culture it is nearly impossible to express apprehensions about the...(Read Full Article)