American Citizens and the Drift from First Principles

Earlier this month I was present at a public appearance by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, who had just finished touring a thriving and growing business on the North Shore.  Following his tour, the governor delivered a gracious presentation to an assembly of employees.  He invited questions following his remarks.  What followed was an explicit demonstration of the corrosion of our political discourse. It's not what you might think: stark-raving morons did not accuse the governor of hiding Barack Obama's original birth certificate underneath a tree in Boston Common.  There were no demands that Patrick quarter state troopers in homes flying the Gadsden flag.  All of the questions were politely proffered and, most likely in the minds of those asking, innocently benign. One questioner mentioned how fortunate she was to enjoy employment inasmuch as she graduated with a degree in English.  However, she wondered, what could the governor or the legislature...(Read Full Article)