A State of Total Insanity

Two recent stories out of California show that what is already the most stupidly governed state is slipping into outright insanity. The first is a new illustration of the crazy compensation levels of all too many state employees.  It turns out that the chief psychologist for the state's prison system earned $838,706 -- last year alone!  To be precise, the shrink earned somewhere between $261,408 and $308,640 in salary, with the remainder coming from bonuses or cashing in unused sick leave. This is not an anomalous case.  Of the ten highest-paid California state employees (all earning more than a half-million bucks a year), seven worked for California's grotesquely dysfunctional prison system.  Of those, four were prison doctors or dentists. Other high-paid officials include the federal receiver who monitors the California prison system, Clark Kelso, at $508,140, and CalPERS chief investment officer Joe Dear at $548,142. Clark Kelso, by the bye, was hired because in...(Read Full Article)