A Response to Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz

Shmuly Yanklowitz, who wears the title of "Rabbi" and is a Hillel director at UCLA, has penned an essay in the Jewish Week against the anti-sharia movement.  He takes the time to mention me by name.  This is my response. The sum and substance of Yanklowitz's essay is that it has zero substance, only polemics. Where it does make specific attempts to be substantive, or impliedly so, Yanklowitz's essay is simply wrong on the facts. For example, the essay begins with two paragraphs of pure polemics using such descriptors as a "slight discomfort," which magically came over him while in a cab in Paris with a Muslim driver -- why?  Because "American religious fanatics had succeeded at convincing me to be afraid."  He goes on to tell us that "fear and hate" are a part of Jewish communal discourse as well.  So, the table is set.  Truth and peace on the one side versus hatred, fear, and religious bigotry on the other. Then, in the third paragraph, we learn that we...(Read Full Article)