9/11 Narcissism is a Left-Wing Disease

Here's a funny piece of projection.  In this article, Nation columnist Gary Younge accuses the United States of being "narcissistic" in its response to 9/11.  He quotes Condoleezza Rice and Karl Rove with some lengthy deconstructive flourishes:  But beyond mourning of the immediate victims' friends and families, there was an element of narcissism to this national grief that would play out in policy and remains evident in the tone of many of today's retrospectives. [...] It was as though Americans were unique in their ability to feel pain and the deaths of civilians of other nations were worth less. [...] "We have obligations towards our citizens," [Cheney] said. "And we do everything to protect our citizens." [...] If nothing else the Bush administration had fear on its side. "The next time the smoking gun could be a mushroom cloud," said Rice. "They only have to be right once. We have to be right every time." But in the end Younge seems to think that these quotes...(Read Full Article)