Yes Dorothy, President Obama Is A Very Bad Wizard

It was Dorothy's dog Toto, a standard bred cairn terrier, in the 1939 movie classic "The Wizard of Oz," tugging at the black curtain, who revealed the Great and Powerful Oz to be nothing more than a humbug, "Why, you're not a wizard at all, you're just a man! And you're a very bad man for pretending to be a wizard," exclaims Dorothy.   Professor Marvel, chagrined after having been defrocked, and exhausted, unable to sustain the charade, replies apologetically, " Oh no my dear, I'm a very good man, just a very bad wizard." President Obama, also pretending to be a wizard, was finally defrocked at his own hand by a pathetic performance in what should have been an unremarkable low profile legislative routine but which ballooned into the debt ceiling debacle. Discredited by his serial lying about default and terrifying seniors about Social Security payment suspensions, while telling bankers behind the scenes that such calamities would not happen, Obama can't lay claim to be a...(Read Full Article)