Why Obama Grows Government and Creates Debt

President Obama's historic expansion of government at a time of great recession is attributed to his socialist agenda of "income redistribution."  While Barack Obama did use these words in his campaign exchange with Joe the Plumber, in reality Obama's behavior is better explained as an expression of the political DNA he acquired from Chicago's Political Machine. Obama comes from Chicago, which under the reign of Mayor Daley I (1955-1976) grew to be the last and greatest big city Political Machine in the US.[i]  Daley I perfected the strategy of filling City departments with political appointees, and giving lucrative City contracts to campaign contributors.  The number of patronage workers in Chicago quadrupled from 3,478 in 1955, when Daley I first took office, to 15,680 in 1970. This enormous increase took place during a time when Chicago lost 10 percent of its population.[ii] How can one best understand the purpose of the patronage system?   As one Chicago...(Read Full Article)