Why Bother? Let It Fall

America is fading, and the ruling class lacks the courage to stop it. Courage was more abundant in 1776 when a pompous monarch was confiscating the people's wealth in order to live like a pompous monarch.  The people revolted.  Today, hundreds of arrogant elitists in three branches of government use our wealth to implement ruling class visions.  In the process, we are losing our prosperity and our freedom.  It is time for another revolution. In the beginning, English colonists rebelled against the wealth-grabbing tactics of a king.  Today, nearly half of Americans approve of a president who promises to grab wealth from people who have "made enough money." King Barack and gangs of ruling-class elites steal our freedoms and debase our morality.  Orders, laws, rulings, and regulations force us to secure medical insurance and tolerate infanticide, tell us what type of light bulbs and electricity we may use, what cars to drive, how much salt, fat, and sugar we...(Read Full Article)