Warren Buffett Shelters from Hurricane Obama

See also: Warren Buffet:  Financial Savior or Angel of Doom? The hype over Hurricane Irene may have been overdone, but those few obedient souls who followed orders and sought shelter from the storm may have gotten a shock.  For down there hunkering down from Hurricane Obama is none other than investor Warren Buffett, the Sage of Omaha. Radio host Hugh Hewitt is the go-to guy on Hurricane Obama. President Obama's economic policies are to the private sector as Irene is to the East Coast, a vast swirling destructive force[.] ... Small businesses are fleeing the path of Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, the NLRB, the EPA, the prospect of much higher taxes. Prudent people are responding to Hurricane Obama by battening down the hatches, and the poster boy for Hurricane Obama is none other than Democrat Warren Buffett.  Buffett is no fool.  He has $270 billion in equity at Berkshire Hathaway to protect, and when the thugs from the NLRB come calling at Boeing and telling the...(Read Full Article)