Virginia's Political Earthquake, and Its Little Hurricane

We've had an earthquake in Virginia, and are facing a little bit of a hurricane.  Oh, and besides the politics, there have been some big natural events taking place. As reported by John Gizzi at Human Events, conservatives won big in Virginia's statewide Republican primaries on Tuesday.  Under conservative Governor Bob McDonnell, Virginia has a budget surplus, and with boat-rocking Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, small-government, constitutional conservatism is proving itself to be an effective and popular antidote to many of the problems created by big government. Barack Obama carried Virginia in the 2008 election.  Former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine became the head of Obama's Democratic National Committee, and is now running for U.S. Senate.  The political earthquake is that Virginians have rejected the Obama Democrats' failed big-government policies.  There has been a seismic shift in favor of small-government, constitutional conservatives. If you were to...(Read Full Article)