USEPA: Hell-Bent on Over-Control

In the United States, we are repeatedly told that good science requires this or that regulation because this or that bad thing will happen otherwise.  We live in a world that depends on honest answers to good questions in order to keep itself from making serious mistakes.  Unfortunately, government is not an institution designed to ask all the right questions, and it often fails to give good or honest answers to the questions it does ask.  This is occurring more and more often in the environmental arena, where political and ideological goals are driving the misuse of science by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to churn out highly questionable new regulations.  For example, in the field of air pollution control, companies big and small are faced with some new requirements that will do little for the environment while shrinking the chances of business or job growth. The USEPA has been preparing to issue new national ambient air quality standards...(Read Full Article)