The Wasted Valor of the Navy SEALs

Last week, 30 American service personnel, including 22 Navy SEALs, died when their helicopter was shot down by Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan. The event was big media news, but it will soon be forgotten by the public as just another bit of media content right along with the death of Amy Winehouse or the British riots or raising the debt limit to an obscene $16 trillion. The fact is that the SEALs died in vain, and their valor was squandered by a nation led by incompetents and craven political hacks that have no idea how to win the war in Afghanistan after a decade of trying. There is something sickeningly wrong with a country that sends it finest, fittest, most disciplined young men into combat for ten years straight while legions of welfare cheats and stock-market Ponzi schemers lounge about and the government borrows trillions from their yet-unborn grandchildren. There is something sickeningly wrong when honorable, valorous, disciplined, elite men are sent to their deaths by an...(Read Full Article)