The Secret of Socialism

The world of socialism is built on a deep secret.  I learned of this founding secret from an old friend.  Now it can be told. I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce American Thinker readers to an old schoolmate of mine; one with whom, after being out of touch for decades, I've exchanged political thoughts via e-mail over the past several years.  Damian Housman has come a long way since our days at Manhattan's Junior High School #104.  He's a retired USAF lt. colonel who flew as a navigator in C-141s and a weapons systems officer in F-4s, and has been all over the world.  His civilian credits include public affairs work for the Air Force and for local law enforcement, plus working for a Washington PR firm.  And he is a former field editor of International Combat Arms. In addition to being well-traveled, well-read, and well-spoken, he's analytical and insightful.  He is certainly an American Thinker.  And some of his recent comments...(Read Full Article)