The Road to Freedom Leads through Tehran

Today, many question the role that Americans should play in the future of Iran.  It is generally accepted that it is in Americans' best interests not to support the resistance there through war or sanctions, but rather to educate the Iranian people.  After all, supporters of the established tyrannical regime are mostly old, uneducated, or poor.  Islamic volunteer vigilantes are imported via bus and provided with food, housing, and funds to support the government.  The incumbency even imports foreign militant forces, such as Hezbollah, due to its lack of domestic support. Activity on Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, and other sites has led to pro-democracy protests and helped galvanize the people of Iran.  In response, the government decided to cut all ties with the outside world.  Older Iranians, who are primarily responsible for imposing these bans, will likely never see the positive aspects of open communication.  Americans, along with the rest of the...(Read Full Article)