The More We're Connected, the Less We're Connected

Though mankind's ever accelerating technological innovations continue to provide an array of wonders and benefits, the tragic consequences that come hand in hand with our advancement are receiving little notice. As society increasingly texts and tweets away, relations with our fellow man are suffering for it. Paradoxically, as we gain more tools to communicate with one another, our words seem to have less meaning. Time-honored principles such as honesty and common courtesy have been on the wane for decades but these unfortunate behavioral shifts now appear to be growing at an explosive rate. The trend is largely driven by our increasing ability to stay instantaneously connected to the rest of the world. Human beings are overwhelming themselves with connectivity, unable to keep pace with the increased number of self-ascribed obligations that come with constant accessibility.  In essence, presumably with no harm intended, people are finding it physically impossible to follow-up on...(Read Full Article)