The American Animal Farm

George Orwell wrote his famous Animal Farm allegory about the corrupting potential of socialism in 1943.  The novel was not published for two years because the liberal Bloomsbury establishment did not want to offend the new Labour Party majority in London or Stalinist allies in Moscow.  After WWII, Orwell defended his fable, saying that his intention was to illustrate how easily otherwise intelligent people could be "misled by propaganda in a democracy." Political ideology in America has devolved to forms that would make Orwell cringe today: socialists (née Marxists) and democratic socialists (née Keynesians).  The former views government as an all-purpose solution and the latter views government as a "stimulator," a kind of economic and social Wizard of Oz.  The two are more alike than they are different.  The fatal flaw of both is the chronic inability of voters and their elected representatives to distinguish between wants and needs.  Elections are...(Read Full Article)