Subsidizing Sex

What happened to the old days when paying for sex was frowned upon?  With a recent ruling by the Department of Health and Human Services, insurance companies will now be forced to provide women wellness visits, sterilization procedures and contraception, all without a patient copayment. The enormous cost of this decision will be unfairly borne primarily by those not desiring such services.   For orthodox Catholics and many others who believe contraception and sterilization to be unethical, the millions of tax dollars given to Planned Parenthood and other entities for similar pregnancy prevention coverage are already unconscionable.  Now for President Obama, it's time to pile on.  In a sadly ironic decision, a president who promotes government regulation as the means to prevent unethical behavior will now use regulation to mandate what many see as unethical behavior.  This ruling has nothing to do with health.  If it did, coverage would be provided for...(Read Full Article)