Romney Plans to Scare Seniors

Rick Perry's surge in the polls is spooking Mitt Romney.  His strategists are sharpening knives, getting ready to fillet Perry on the key issues of Social Security and Medicare.  Before Sarah Palin backers get tingles up their legs, understand that when Romney levels attacks on Perry about big government programs, he's attacking conservatives generally.   And if Romney is willing to go after Perry, he'll more than happily go after Sarah Palin, if she jumps into the race -- or any other true-blue conservative -- if the need arises. Mind you, Romney would rather see Perry self-destruct or another Republican carve up Perry, as was reported by the Washington Post.  But Romney is prepared to do the dirty work himself if it means stopping Perry. Mitt Romney plans to position Perry as the nemisis of seniors; you know, the Darth Vader candidate who wants to gut Social Security and Medicare and leave granny on the streets.  The scare tactic is about as old as,...(Read Full Article)