Racial Sensitivity Through the Looking Glass

Racial sensitivity has placed us in a peculiar situation as a nation, in which thoughtless rudeness evidently is a bigger concern than actual violence. A recent set of events demonstrates this. Imagine that a minority college student was bothered by white people loudly talking on their cell phones in the library. Now, imagine that the minority student posts comments on the web saying how rude these particular "whites" are, and imitating the whites with valley girl slang.  Imagine the student was careful to say that she doesn't have a problem with all whites, just the ones who talk on cell phones in the library.  Finally, imagine that this minority student then received death threats and insults so awful that the student dropped out of school. Adjust the races a bit, and that exact fiasco occurred at UCLA earlier this year. A white UCLA student, Alexandra Wallace, posted a video on Youtube complaining about "hordes of Asians" talking on cell phones in the library. The...(Read Full Article)