Portrait Of The President As A Young Man

"There have been times in my life -- Michelle and I, things were a little tight, when we were just starting a family and had all these new expenses, and we had to make some choices.  We didn't say to ourselves, well, we're not going to put any money into the college fund so we can keep on eating fancy dinners anytime we want.  We didn't say to ourselves -- I didn't say to Michelle, honey, you got to stop buying clothes but I'm going to keep my gold clubs.  (Laughter.)  What we said was, well, let's figure out what are the things that are going to be important to our family to make sure it succeeds not just now but in the long term; let's invest in those things and let's stop investing in the things that don't work."  --  President Obama, Remarks at a Town Hall Meeting, August 17, 2011. The Scene: A fancy restaurant in Chicago, February 2001. Barack Obama and his pregnant wife Michelle are seated at a candlelit table, sharing a fancy dinner. Barack...(Read Full Article)