Pets, People, and Civilization

It is interesting to contrast the religiously sanctioned abuse of dogs in the Muslim world with recent movements to remove dog and cat meat from its time-honored place on Chinese and South Korean menus.  Part of the new concern with animal welfare in China is attributed to a growing demand for pets among the burgeoning fluent urban population.  (Query?  Is the one child policy also a factor?)  Western attitudes towards dogs and cats also seem to be playing a role.  A segment of the population in both China and South Korea seems particularly keen to make sure the rest of the world understands that they are as likely to eat dog meat as their counterparts in the West are to dine on a roadkill opossum.   In a rare example of a successful protest, last April Chinese activists prevented a shipment of dogs intended for slaughter from reaching its destination. A group of animal activists and dog lovers in China have rescued hundreds of dogs headed for the...(Read Full Article)