Obama's Birthday: The Cure for a Failing Citizenry

Fresh off the public flogging of Boehner disguised as a "Republican win," Obama shifted his priorities back to the business of the nation: his 50th birthday bash! Here's how the LA Times described the momentous event (emphasis added): President Obama turns 50 Thursday, unquestionably older, grayer, and less popular than when he took office. His nearly three years on the job haven't been easy; the White House would be the first to tell you that. He inherited a spiraling economy and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Since becoming president, he's seen unemployment stay flat despite his administration's efforts, a fractious debate over healthcare that's still playing out, Middle East unrest, the GOP seizing the House and making formerly routine matters a battle-and, oh yes, that oil spill in the Gulf. The left acts as if other presidents all inherited rainbows and cotton candy.  The only modern-day president who can't complain about what he inherited is...(Read Full Article)