Obama is a Calculating, Not Stupid Individual

More and more people are writing about Obama's alleged stupidity.  J.R. Dunn of American Thinker penned the piece "How Stupid is Obama?" and Brett Stephens' Wall Street Journal article asserts that "the president isn't very bright." I respectfully disagree with these two writers.  They are missing the point.  Barack Hussein Obama is not stupid.  He knows exactly what he is doing.  He is bent on the erosion of American values and, so far, he is winning.  We must step out of our proud-of- America-worldview and examine Obama's actions from a different focal point. Otherwise, we rationalize his decisions as acts of inexperience and foolishness. For example, "one trip to New York for a single night's outing with Michelle" was Obama acting as the imperial majesty.  So while he rants and raves about corporate executives using private jets, Obama has no problem spending taxpayer money.  He and the Queen are on an outing as far as he is concerned. His...(Read Full Article)