Obama is a Calculating, Not Stupid Individual

More and more people are writing about Obama's alleged stupidity.  J.R. Dunn of American Thinker penned the piece "How Stupid is Obama?" and Brett Stephens' Wall Street Journal article asserts that "the president isn't very bright."

I respectfully disagree with these two writers.  They are missing the point.  Barack Hussein Obama is not stupid.  He knows exactly what he is doing.  He is bent on the erosion of American values and, so far, he is winning.  We must step out of our proud-of- America-worldview and examine Obama's actions from a different focal point. Otherwise, we rationalize his decisions as acts of inexperience and foolishness.

For example, "one trip to New York for a single night's outing with Michelle" was Obama acting as the imperial majesty.  So while he rants and raves about corporate executives using private jets, Obama has no problem spending taxpayer money.  He and the Queen are on an outing as far as he is concerned.

His indifference to the plight of unemployed Americans is further demonstrated when his "stimulus" visit in June of 2010 to Columbus, Ohio resulted in workers being told not to come to work and informed they would not be paid for the forced day off

His disdain is further established as he carelessly throws a flower on the grave of a fallen soldier, reflecting yet another sign of the haughty disrespect he has for this country and the soldiers who fight to keep us safe.

Thus, I will break ranks with these writers and state that Obama is not stupid at all.  In fact, he is ushering in his own point of view about America. As Jean-Francois Revel has written in Anti-Americanism, for those "prone to adhere to Communism," anti-Americanism [is] rational, since America [is] identified with capitalism and capitalism with evil." 

Whether the source of Obama's attitudes is his rage against colonialism and imperialism as described by Dinesh D'Souza's  in The Roots of Obama's Rage or is  based on the communist teachings of his mother, or the ideas of terrorist Bill Ayers or the Black Liberation theology of Reverend Wright or the Islamic education he received in Indonesia at an early age, all merge into Obama knowing exactly how he wants to transform this nation into a weakened, socialist country.  And so far, he is victorious.

In essence, this man is fulfilling all of these people's and his own wishes in every way, shape, and form.  This is not stupidity; it is crafty manipulation.

Stupidity is "marked by or resulting from unreasoned thinking or acting" but according to Obama's worldview there is nothing unsound about his actions. Obama believes that America is unexceptional; that the country is inherently evil; thus, her decline is part of his reasoned perspective.

Republican Representative Dan Burton, writes in the Washington Times that, Obama "has taken control of the student loan industry, the banking and financial sectors, and he [has] orchestrated the bankruptcy and reorganization of two-thirds of the American automotive industry." Consequently, "every solution proposed by the Obama administration to every problem is more government control."

ObamaCare remains the law of the land and GE is still beholden to the government.  Restrictive environmental regulations are issued daily that dictate what Americans should eat, how citizens should light their homes, where companies can set up their shops, and how much mileage drivers need to achieve on large vehicles -- the list never seems to end.  Thus, [t]he "Environmental Protection Agency is aggressively reinterpreting environmental regulations to accomplish ...government control of energy."  Obama knows precisely what he is doing. That is not stupid; it is calculated, and terrifyingly astute on his part.

His actions reflect his arrogant desire to refigure this country into a socialist landscape.  He has accelerated the debt crisis with no end in sight.  He refuses to comply with simple requests for a budget plan because his plan is already taking shape.  It is a blueprint that is unconditional in his desire to bring America to its knees financially.  In essence, his hope and change are to destroy the American way of life.

Is he a poor public speaker?  On the surface, he is quite awkward.  His articulation and his reliance on a Teleprompter screen all reflect a discomfort with public speaking.  But let us consider another possibility.  A man who misleads must choose his words carefully lest his real agenda be exposed. Obama's public persona has to disguise his true feelings. Thus, his private persona is in constant conflict with the words he utters.  That is why he hesitates.  He is watching every word lest he slip and expose yet another dictatorial predilection. 

That is not stupidity; instead it indicates his conflicted emotions running headlong into themselves. He hopes to continue to fool the people.

He lies and prevaricates and it is only when he is angry that you see the real Obama emerge.  Then when he realizes that he may have gone too far, he removes himself from the fray.  He blames others hoping that no one will actually catch on.

It would be a colossal mistake to simply describe Obama as stupid or merely attribute his actions to inexperience; he is crafty and is intent upon crushing and punishing this nation even if it costs him a second term.   

The American people are feeling the noose tighten around them, yet, many still refuse to have their illusions shattered.  Repeatedly, the pundits warn about the ever-worsening economic disaster, the weakening of military defenses, the deflation of American leadership standing in the world, and the not-so-subtle dislike for American values by this president.  Though the writing on the wall becomes darker by the day, there are still those who are in denial. 

And, yet, if the American people continue to engage in a suspension of reason, can we blame Obama for doing exactly what he promised he would do?  It is we who would be "stupid" if we keep rationalizing that "the president's policies [are] innocent missteps of a man who is 'in over his head.' The president is not in over his head; he knows precisely what he is doing: rushing America down the path toward socialism."  

But we can still build an arsenal of productive power and once again become masters of our destiny as long as we do not underestimate this wily 44th President of the United States. 

Eileen can be reached at middlemarch18@gmail.com.