Obama Ignores Israel's Daily Hurricanes

The day before Hurricane Irene swept through New York, I received a concerned email from a cousin in Israel asking if we were properly prepared to weather the storm.  I responded that I was not too concerned and thought the media and politicians were a bit over the top with the evacuations, warnings, and coverage.  The next night, as Americans up and down the east coast remained hunkered down in the safety of their homes, a Palestinian terrorist stole a taxi, ran over two individuals, and then stabbed a number of others outside of a Tel Aviv night club.  I emailed my cousin and explained that this is the exact reason that I cannot get excited over a storm -- an act of God.  My cousin agreed, saying, "Yes, these are our day to day hurricanes here..." Israel's day-to-day hurricanes are not caused by acts of God.  They are caused by acts of man -- hostile, dangerous, and irrational men (and women).  And while humans cannot control the weather, they can erect...(Read Full Article)