Obama and the Class Envy Card

Barack Obama, the Left and the Democrats are determined to continue their never-ending and over-used drum beat of "raise taxes on the rich."  While of little practical value in solving the nation's overwhelming debt and deficit problem, this siren song aims to foster class envy, intimidate opponents and foment potential violence.  It is the action of a desperate administration and party attempting to obfuscate their abject failure in growing the economy and creating jobs. The IRS issues a report every year analyzing the tax filings, receipts and payment by income groups.  The report for 2009 has just been issued.  It fully contradicts the mantra of the Left that by taxing the so-called "rich" the United States could solve its deficit problem without severe cuts in spending. In 2012 the projected annual deficit will be around $1,100.00 Billion and near that same amount in 2013. President Obama in his usual demagoguery always focuses on the "millionaires and...(Read Full Article)